Am I an eligible candidate?

General criteria

All applicants, regardless of whether you apply for a mobility from Europe to Latin America or vice versa, should in any case check the following requirements:

  • You want to apply to a programme in one of the EURICA thematic fields that are eligible
  • The programme you wish to apply to is available at your desired host university/ies
  • You fulfill the requirements of your Target Group
  • The level (undergraduate, master, doctoral, post-doctoral, staff) of study and the duration of the scholarship is available in your Target Group
  • You have sufficient knowledge of (one of) the host university's languages of instruction
  • In case you apply to "sandwich" (non-degree) mobility: you should be registered and continue to be registered in a study programme at your home university during your mobility
  • Please note that undergraduates are only eligible for an EURICA mobility if they have successfully completed at least one year of studies in their home university
  • For Latin American applicants: only Group A or TG3 applications for study/research at Universidad de Valladolid will be accepted. Therefore, Group B applicants within Target Group 1 or 2 can no longer apply for Valladolid.There are no restrictions for the other 6 European partner universities, these universities are possible destinations for all Latin American applicants.

If you have considered all of these requirements as well as the specific requirements for mobility from Europe to Latin America or Latin America to Europe, please check here which documentation you have to submit with your application.