Online Application Form

1. I clicked “Save For now” but now I login again, and the documents disappeared. What happened?

Your personal data will be saved, but the uploaded documents cannot be stored or "saved for now". We therefore recommend you to save the required documentation onto your computer and only upload them rightly before submitting your application.

2. I am not Mexican and applying as Target Group 2, but UNAM is my only option as home/validating university.

This is entirely correct. UNAM, being the EURICA Co-Coordinator, will validate all of the Latin American TG2 applications. If necessary, they will consult with other Latin American Partners.

3. I am applying as a Target Group 3 student. Which of the options “home/validating university” should I choose?

If you are a Target Group 3 student, you will at the same time also qualify as a Target Group 1 or Target Group 2 candidate, because you either belong to one of the Latin American full member universities or not. If you study at one of the partner universities, please select that university as your home/validating university. If you do not belong to a Latin American Partner, please select UNAM, as they will validate all Latin American TG3 applications that are not linked to one of the Partner universities.

4. I have submitted my application but I have not received any confirmation email. What should I do?

Please, do not try to apply again. First consult the EURICA Coordination because your application might have been received already. We will check whether we have received your application and provide you with your application code, or advise you if otherwise. 

5. I do not have any proof of my ranking, what do I put there?

The ranking is indicative. If you do not have proof, please give us an indication of your academic performance by selecting one of the categories.

6. What does GPA mean?

GPA means Grade Point Average. It is the average grade you received and takes into account both the grades and credits of all courses you completed.