Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In this section, you can find the answers to around 40 Frequently Asked Questions we have - frequently - received so far. In order to see whether your question is already in the FAQ section, please see the overview below. To read the answer to a question, please click on the title in the menu on your left.

In case our website, the Guidelines for Applicants and the FAQ do not provide an answer to your question, feel free to contact the EURICA Coordination for further assistance or contact us via Facebook.

Requirements & Elegibility

  1. Can I apply if I’m not registered at or linked to one of EURICA partner universities?
  2. What Target Group am I part of?
  3. I’m from Latin America, and already in Europe. Can I still apply?
  4. I’m Latin American and I have studied in the United States, can I still apply for EURICA?
  5. I have the nationality of one of the targeted countries, but I am living elsewhere. Can I apply?
  6. I have already graduated at my home university. Can I apply, and if so, in what TG?
  7. I am applying within TG3, do I need to be registered at a (partner) university?
  8. I have double nationality/citizenship, should I mention that anywhere?
  9. I want to apply for mobility from Europe to Latin America, but don’t have a EU nationality.
  10. What if I will not be selected, will I be allowed apply again during the next call?
  11. I have been granted a scholarship before, can I still apply?
  12. I am also applying for other Erasmus Mundus scholarships, can I still apply within EURICA?

Mobility & Scholarship

  1. I’m Latin American and I want to do the mobility in another Latin American country, is that possible?
  2. I’m European and I want to do the mobility in another European country, is that possible?
  3. Can I apply for mobility at a university that is not a EURICA partner institution?
  4. I want to send my application now, but start my mobility in 2015. Is that possible?
  5. Can I apply for different mobility durations?
  6. Can I apply for two programmes at two universities?


  1. What is the letter of declaration?
  2. What is the letter of support?
  3. Are there requirements or formats regarding the letter of Recommendation?
  4. My last degree obtained is high school, should I upload that diploma?
  5. I don’t have a passport and it will not be issued before the deadline, what can I do?
  6. If Valladolid is my only desired host university, should the documents still be in English?
  7. I don’t have my official degree yet and I will not have it before the deadline. Now what?
  8. Are there requirements regarding the style, length and content of the Motivation Letter?
  9. I am applying for undergraduate/master mobility, do I need to upload the research/work plan?
  10. Can I translate the documents myself or are certified translations required?
  11. What does the Transcript of Records mean?
  12. What is the Letter of Special Circumstances about?
  13. I am applying as TG2, what do I have to do regarding the Letter of Support?
  14. I have done the TOEFL test but the results will not be there before deadline. What can I do?

Online Application Form

  1. I clicked “Save For now”  but now I login again, and the documents disappeared. What happend?
  2. I am not Mexican and applying as TG2, but UNAM is my only option as home/validating university.
  3. I am applying as TG3, which of  the options “home/validating university” should I choose?
  4. I have completed my application but I haven’t received any confirmation email. What should I do?
  5. I don’t have any proof of my ranking, what do I put there?
  6. What does GPA mean?