University of Valladolid

General information


The history of the University of Valladolid stretches back over seven centuries during which it has grown and flourished, thanks to its ability to adapt and expand, and thanks to the warm welcome afforded by its people. Today it is one of the leading centres of Higher Education in Spain, offering over 100 degrees, 54 masters and 80 doctorate programmes, boasting a broad network of international relations, research centres, together with wide-ranging sports and cultural facilities and a rich architectural and documentary heritage. All of this combines to provide an outstanding academic environment, equal to the oldest universities in Europe in terms of history, excellence and quality of research. Please see the University of Valladolid website for more information.


Internationalization is one of the key objectives of the University of Valladolid. Therefore, the International Relations Office of the UVa has been organizing student mobility since 1987 within the framework of the ERASMUS and other Programmes through wich over 2.000 students are sent and received annually. UVa has a wide experience in the management of ERASMUS MUNDUS. You can find information about all the international activities on the website

Information per Mobility Type

Undergraduate exchange

UVa offers programmes in all the academic areas of the EURICA Project for exchange students. You can find more information about undergraduate exchange on our website

Master Degree Studies

UVa offers more than 70 Master degree programmes in all the areas eligible for the EURICA project. You can find a list of Masters at

All the information regarding the requirements for and access to Master studies can be found on the University of Valladolid's webpage about Master studies.

PhD studies

UVa also offers a wide range of PhD studies in all the areas eligible for the EURICA project. You can find them on our webpage about doctorate studies.

The PhD consists of a training period and a research period. All the information regarding the requirements and access to PhD studies can be found online.

Post-Doctoral Research and Staff

All the Faculties and Departments of the University of Valladolid are willing to host researchers and staff according to their availability. In order to reach the appropriate groups of research or the hosting department you should contact the Department/Faculty/Centre or the EURICA contact person. Please, do not forget to enclose a brief curriculum vitae and a summary of your research plan or plan of activities. 

Requisitos de idioma

La Universidad de Valladolid no tiene requisitos de idioma.

Restricciones para postulantes Grupo B

Para los postulantes latinoamericanos: sólo se aceptarán solicitudes con destino Universidad de Valladolid si el candidato pertenece al grupo A o al Target Group 3. Por lo tanto, postulantes del grupo B dentro de los Target Group 1 o 2 ya no pueden postularse para ir a Valladolid. No hay restricciones en cuanto a las demás 6 universidades de destino, aquellas siguen siendo posibles destinos para todos los candidatos latinoamericanos.