01 Ciencias de la Agricultura at Universidad de Chile


Available for 5 and 10 months mobilities:

  • Ingeniería Agronómica / Agriculture

  • Ingeniería en Alimentos / Food Engineering

  • Nutrición y Dietética / Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Ingeniería de la Madera / Wood Engineering

  • Ingeniería Forestal / Forestry Engineering

All programmes require proficiency in Spanish.


Available for 6 and 10 Months mobilities:

All programmes require proficiency in Spanish.


Available for 6 months mobilities:

  • Post-doc en Ciencias Silvoagropecuarias y Veterinarias / Post-doc in Forestry, Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences

  • Post-doc en Acuicultura / Post-doc in Aquaculture

  • Post-doc en Nutrición y Alimentos / Post-doc in Nutrition and Food

All programmes require proficiency in Spanish.


Master and PhD

Applicants must hold a four year bachelor`s degree, a professional degree and demonstrate a previous training suitable for the requirements of the selected program. Letter of acceptance from hosting department is required.