Universidad de El Salvador

General information

The University of El Salvador was founded on February 16, 1841 and since then has taken a center stage in the transformation of society and has trained many of the leaders and intellectuals of the country. So far, the University of El Salvador (UES) has had a total of 78 managements, including presidents of the republic, scientists and outstanding politicians.

The UES, with a population of over 55.000 students, 2.030 teachers and 169 careers, is an institution with an immense cumulative tradition. It is the only public university in El Salvador, becoming for Salvadoran youth  the only alternative to achieve their personal improvement , to obtain an academic degree and in this way take better living conditions to their homes and families.

In El Salvador, there are 26 private universities. The UES will always be a public institution serving Salvadoran society, identified with the most needy and underpriviliged people of our country.