Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo

General Information

UAEH is the oldest university in the State of Hidalgo, Mexico with a tradition that goes back 143 years. For 51 years of these it has been an autonomous university. UAEH is one of the best universities (amongst 200 others) in Ibero-america and Latin America, and it is represented in three of the best rankings in the world:

-The QS Ranking(academic reputation): Place 151
-The SC Imago Journal Rank: Place 176 from 1,770 evaluated institutions in Ibero-america and place 114 from 1,605 evaluated institutions in Latin America. Place 19 in Research, with international quality, among 371 higher Education Institutions in Mexico.
-Webometrics: Place 187 in the Latin America ranking, which evaluates 3,797 Higher Education Institution.

Since 2013 UAEH has been part of the exclusive group of the Top 20´s of international Mexican Universities.

UAEH was the first University in Mexico to achieve the 9001-2008 business certification by The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and all of their undergraduate programs are certified by The Inter Institutional Committee of Higher Education (CIEES) Level One.
Regarding the programs, the University offers over 100 specialization studies, master degrees and PhD programs with national and international recognition, accredited by the Quality Postgraduate National Programs of the National Council of Science and Technology (PNPC-CONACyT).

The University is divided into six institutes (faculties) which are located in Pachuca (the capital city of Hidalgo), and eight other campuses located throughout the State of Hidalgo.

Information per Mobility Type

Undergraduate Exchange

All the University programmes are open to International Exchange Students and are taught completely in Spanish. They are divided among the Institutes (faculties) and the Campuses that are located throughout the State of Hidalgo. In order to read more about our programmes consult our website. There is no Spanish language requirement, but it is recommended that the international exchange students would be upper-intermediate in Spanish for better comprehension and better performance.

Master Degree Studies

The University offers master degree and specialization studies programmes that are also taught completely in Spanish. Some of them are accredited by The Quality Postgraduate National Programs of the National Council of Science and Technology (PNPC-CONACyT). If you want to know more about our master degrees, please check the following link.

It will not be necessary to bring a language certificate but nevertheless if you want to study a master degree at UAEH you have to take in consideration that all our programmes are taught in Spanish. If you want to apply, you need an undergraduate degree that is related to the programme for which you are applying.

PhD studies

The PhD programmes try to offer spaces to form professionals with an objective, critical and rational view, hoping to promote researching while generating knowledge in different areas. Almost every PhD programme requires a master’s degree as well as an upper-intermediate knowledge of Spanish, but in some cases a master degree is not required, depending on the duration and the PhD programme you want to apply for. There are PhD programmes that are accredited by The Quality Postgraduate National Programs of the National Council of Science and Technology (PNPC-CONACyT).

Most PhD students in UAEH work on an individual project in close collaboration with their supervisor (that is provided by the UAEH at their institute) or supervisors (one of them could be an abroad or an external supervisor). The duration varies between 3 to 4 years depending on the PhD.

If you want to know more about the academic offer, please visit the website.


We offer a Staff Exchange opportunity at the International Relations office, but if you are interested in doing an exchange in another area we would be glad to help by checking the availability and the opportunities that could be created at the UAEH.

Post-Doctorate Research

The Post-Doctorate research programmes are open depending on the availability and the area of interest.