Selection Procedure

EURICA selection procedure

The selection of candidates within EURICA is a three-tier system of:

  1. Validation
  2. Evaluation
  3. Selection

The first step is a formal Validation of candidate files in which the validating university checks whether the application meets all formal requirements for the candidate to be eligible for a scholarship. The Validation will be carried out by your home university in case of a TG1 application or by the Regional Coordinator Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in case of a TG2 application. In case of TG3 it depends on whether your home university is a full member of EURICA or not.

The second step is an Evaluation of all files that have been considered eligible after the completion of the first step. This is an evaluation of the content of the application, primarily based on Quality. Additional points may be awarded by the evaluating institutions for Sustainability and Vulnerability. More information on this will follow shortly. The Evaluation is carried out by

  • your home university (in case of TG1 and possibly TG3) or the Regional Coordinator Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (in case of TG2 and possibly TG3).
  • the host university/ies

The third and final step is the Selection of the candidates who will be offered the EURICA scholarship. Those candidates will be selected from the files that have passed both the Validation and Evaluation stages. In addition to the Quality of candidates, other factors such as a balanced division of scholarships between partner universities and gender balance may be taken into account. The Selection will be carried out by all Partners during the annual Selection Meeting.