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After you have registered and created your own account, you may logon again by submitting your email and password. You can then start filling out your personal application (see also: How do I apply?). You may intermittently save data before you submit the final version. Unfortunately, documents cannot be saved intermittently, they will have to be uploaded all at once right before sending your application. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Good luck!

If this is not your first application, please create a new EURICA account, using a different e-mail address. Thank you!

Privacy Statement

After creating your EURICA account, we collect the information you provide in your application. We use this information in order to process, validate, evaluate and possibly select your application for a EURICA scholarship. The contact details provided in your application will only be used for EURICA scholarship communication purposes, such as the publication of the results or questions about your application. Your information is well protected with a variety of security measures and only the EURICA Coordination, your Home University and your desired Host University/ies (by using a secure login) are able to access your personal data. Under no circumstances will your personal data be disclosed to any other individuals or companies outside the EURICA consortium.