Calls for Applications

Third Cohort

The third and last EURICA call for applications was open from 1 September until 7 December 2015. In April 2016, the consortium has selected a total of 83 grantees. Please see the Third Cohort Selection List. A final extraordinary call (3.1) is open from 9 May until 9 June 2016, closing at 00:00 CET (8 June in Latin America) for the remainder scholarships (Group A - Staff 1 month, Group B - Doctorate 6 months, Europe: Doctorate 6 months). All remainder scholarships are TG1, meaning the staff/doctorate candidates have to be enrolled or working at a EURICA partner university.

Scholarship Groups

  • Group A Latin America - Europa: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua
  • Group B Latin America - Europa: Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico
  • Europe - Latin America: all students, researchers and staff from a European EURICA university and holding the nationality of one of the countries of the European Union.

Only Group A applications for study/research at Universidad de Valladolid will be accepted. Therefore, Group B applicants within Target Group 1 or 2 can no longer apply for Valladolid.There are no restrictions for the other 6 European partner universities, these universities are possible destinations for all Latin American applicants.

Furthermore, please note that all selected third cohort grantees will start in 2016 (except staff) and all mobilities have to be finished before the EURICA end date: 14 July 2017.

An updated Selection List, including the grantees selected in call 3.1, is now available here.

Second Cohort

The EURICA Second Call for Applications was open from 1 September 2014 until 11 December 2014. The second cohort mobilities will all start before 31 December 2015, again with the exception of staff grantees. Another 81 EURICA grantees were awarded a scholarship in call 2.1. A call 2.1 for remainder positions in Cohort 2 has been opened in May 2015 with a deadline of 14 June for PhD and staff positions from Latin America to Europe. The final list includes the candidates selected in this intermediate call.

All grantees with the exception of staff will start their mobilities before 31 December 2015.

Download EURICA Final Selection List Call 2.0 + Call 2.1

First Cohort

The first Call for Applications was open from November 2013 until 20 February 2014. In April 2014, the selection results have been communicated with all individual applicants and a list of selected grantees is available on this page. A total of 122 EURICA applicants have been awarded a scholarship in the first cohort.

All grantees with the exception of staff have started before 31 December 2014.

Download EURICA Official Selection List Call 1.0 + Call 1.1.pdf