EURICA Objectives

Scholarships for excellence

EURICA if first of all a mobility scheme. It provides for a total of 292 mobility scholarships for excelling individuals who wish to undertake (part of) their degree studies or do research abroad. 192 scholarships are for mobility from Latin America to Europe. 100 scholarships are for Europeans to spend time at our Latin American partner universities. Please consult the "How to Apply?" section for information on the specific conditions.

EURICA sustainability

EURICA aims to be more than a mobility scheme. The Partnership of 13 Latin American and 7 European universities has been carefully selected to also attend to different sustainability issues that are relevant to the modernisation of Higher Education and the development of institutions.

The analysis of the different country HE policies in Latin America have led to the identification of four key contributors to the improvement of quality and equity in Higher Education:

  1. Scholarship and loan programmes
  2. Evaluation mechanisms
  3. Curricular reform
  4. Internationalisation of Higher Education

In EURICA, these needs have been translated into four topical Learning Communities (LC) that are to develop different strategies to contribute to the sustainability of the Partnership and the development of HE in the long run. These LC are each to be headed by experienced Latin American partners.

Learning Communities

The four EURICA Learning Communities are:

  1. Public-Private Cooperation
  2. Quality & Equity
  3. Learning Competences
  4. Double Degrees

The LC will work on the collection and sharing of relevant data and the development of expertise and initiatives that sustainably impact education and research.

LC lead Universities are Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM, Mexico); Universidad del Magdalena (Colombia); Universidad de Chile (Chile); and Universidad Nacional del Sur (Argentina).

The Regional Coordinator UNAM is responsible for the overall supervision of the LC.