EURICA Scholarships

EURICA mobility cohorts

EURICA aims to divide the 292 mobility flows over two different "cohorts" that will start their mobility in 2014 and 2015 respectively. All mobility flows in any case will need to have finished before the project end date of mid-July 2017.

Mobility flows are available on undergraduate, master, doctoral, post-doctoral and staff levels.

In case you are a national of one of the eight Latin American target countries (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua), you may be eligible for an EURICA scholarship. The mobility opportunities specified per nationality are available here.

In case you are a national of one of the European Union countries and currently registered with/linked to one of the seven European full member universities, you may find an overview of available scholarships here.

Grants total

The total overview of grants available in EURICA for mobility from Latin America to Europe and vice versa:

Mobility Type Cohort 1 Cohort 2 Total
Undergraduates 51 47 98
Masters 60 29 89
Doctorates 31 17 48
Post-doctorates 10 7 17
Staff 20 20 40
Total 172 120 292